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Cycling Analysis

For the cyclist interested in performance, good bike fit is paramount. A properly fitted rider will feel efficient and comfortable on the bike.

An efficient position is one that enables the rider to produce more power for a given muscular effort, and to produce that power without working any muscle groups excessively or needlessly.

The Riding Position

Comfort and efficiency may be at odds in certain riding conditions, so a riding position may have to be modified to favour one quality over the other. In a time trial, for example, efficiency matters most, so a position allowing the best aerodynamics is desirable. In a long road race however, an uncomfortable position may ultimately be more fatiguing than a small loss in efficiency.

On a flat road, aerodynamic drag is by far the greatest barrier to a cyclist's speed, accounting for 70- 90% of the wind resistance felt when pedalling. As cyclists want to gain optimum power and efficiency to overcome this, the development of a correct body position, that is efficient and comfortable, is vitally important.

The Correct Bike

In addition to understanding and adopting an efficient riding position to maximize the achievement of your objectives, it is also important to ensure that your bicycle fits your body size and is correctly set up for you.

The poor matching of individuals to bicycles or riding bicycles that are not correctly set up can have a major negative impact on three key areas:

  • Safety and control – athletes must be able to easily control the bicycle at all times, especially the brakes.
  • Comfort – to enable the cyclist to perform for a given duration without feelings of discomfort
  • Efficiency – for optimum power transfer at any given time  

TriSport Coaching can help you maximise your performance and achieve success.

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