Swimming Analysis

Endless Pools...endless Possibilities

Our aim at TriSport is to provide you with enjoyable and motivational swimming analysis and coaching sessions that improve your swimming stroke and result in effective progress.

Our facilities include an Endless Pool and our lake for Open Water swimming.

The Endless Pool

Endless Pools…Endless Possibilities

To fully analyse your current efficiency in the water our Endless Pool is equipped with the latest technological teaching aids. During a private swimming analysis session, your current swimming stroke will be recorded and analysed by a qualified coach.

The coach will outline how to improve your technique and give you the opportunity to practice and integrate these changes before taking a further recording for final analysis.

Video Clips of Drills taught by Haydn Woolley (fastest ironman swim of 43:30 mins!!) are used to demonstrate correct technique.

VO2 Metabolic Assessment

Your Metabolic Profile is the key to efficient, successful training

This simple assessment will make sure your efforts really count

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Open Water Swimming

There is no substitute for the real thing - Get some real training done at our Open Water Swimming Lake

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