Open Water Simming

New to Open Water Swimming?

For first time Open Water Swimmers we recommend a guided swim to help familiarise yourself with the new environment and build your confidence.

Guided Swims

Open Water Swimming is very different to swimming in a pool, by booking a guided swim, you ensure your first experience of open water swimming is safe, reassuring and builds confidence. Guided open water swims are for up to 30mins duration and can be organised individually or in small groups.

Individual or Group Coaching

The Quays, Mitchett

TriSport Coaching provide clients with Individual or group coaching sessions at The Quays lake in the South East. TriSport have the experience to help you in what is generally accepted to be the most difficult element of a triathlon.

Open water swimming requires a completely different skill set than swimming in the confines of a pool. Individual Coaching Sessions provide you with these skills; ensuring that when you compete in open water you feel safe, strong, effective and successful.

Depending on your needs, the team of Open Water Swimming Coaches from Trisport can coach you one-to-one or in group sessions, and can cover topics from wetsuit and goggle fit to starts, sighting, turns and transitions.

 You will need the following equipment:

  • Swimsuit, goggles and swim hat
  • Wetsuit

Open Water Swimming

There is no substitute for the real thing - Get some real training done at The Quays Open Water Swimming Lake