Swimming Analysis

Your first Session...

We recommend that your first swimming analysis session is booked for one hour. This enables you to discuss your current status and requirements with your coach.

It’s crucial that your coach understands your current level of expertise, experience, training, race programme and the targets and objectives you are working towards.

This first hour also gives you the opportunity to become familiar with swimming against a current in an endless pool, before the analysis of your stroke begins.

In addition to private sessions, it is also possible for groups to take advantage of the services and/or facilities that TriSport offer.

Benefits of the Endless Pool

  • A mirror positioned below you in the pool reveals the reality and removes the guesswork, helping you to track your arms correctly
  • The strong and even current will enable you to feel imbalances in your swim stroke.
  • The flow of the water over your body emphasizes the points of drag in your stroke and body position.
  • You will be able to self-correct upon analysis from your Trisport Coach to swim more efficiently and balanced
  • Live Video playback of your session to outline how to improve your technique
  • We offer a Money Back Guarantee to have improved your swim stroke by the time your session is over

Improving your Swimming Stroke

The three most important things to becoming a successful swimmer are technique, technique and technique. However, an effective Swimming stroke is notoriously difficult to master. This is largely because we are land-based animals and were not given the characteristics of fish! The medium in which this discipline takes place (water) is unforgiving; largely due to the fact that water is nearly one thousand times denser than air. The harder you hit it, the harder it hits you back.

Many swimmers believe that spending hours pounding out lap after lap in the pool is an effective way of improving one’s speed. Although this is one piece of the puzzle, the concept of economy needs to be addressed.

Economy means the efficiency with which the body uses oxygen during exercise. Although our genetic inheritance is a determining factor, skill development plays a vital role. Due to the density of water, swimmers work hard to propel themselves along so streamlining the body i.e. learning a more hydrodynamic position which reduces drag allows the swimmer to move through the water much more efficiently.

The most successful swimmers are almost robotic and are able to hold their technique and maximise propulsive movements whilst at the same time minimise resistive forces acting against the body. The ability to slip, slide and glide through the water with apparent relaxation is paramount.

It is therefore of great benefit to become more streamlined, improve your technique and maximize your propulsive efforts, which can increase your speed by 5-10%! This would equate to about 1-2 minutes in a 1500m swim.

Open Water Swimming

There is no substitute for the real thing - Get some real training done at The Quays Open Water Swimming Lake